SAG-AFTRA Los Angeles - Actor & Standup

SAG-AFTRA Los Angeles - Actor & Standup

SAG-AFTRA Los Angeles - Actor & StandupSAG-AFTRA Los Angeles - Actor & StandupSAG-AFTRA Los Angeles - Actor & Standup

Fresh Off The Boat

Single Camera Comedy

Doing my best to crush Ian Chen's dreams during the holiday season. Merry Christmas!

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

One Hour Drama

I'm a cop working in Miami Dispatch. Cunanan doesn't stand a chance with me on the case.  

Better Things

Single Camera Comedy

In this scene, I'm taking an acting class from Sam Fox (Pamela Adlon). In doing an improv scene with a fellow Comedian, Pamela rips us to shreds for being great performers. Gotta love it! 

Love The Cooopers

Studio Feature Film - Comedy

I'm just a friendly neighborhood businessman talking to Jake Lacy in an airport bar when Olivia Wilde decides to rudely interrupt us in this Holiday classic. Oooo...the look she gives me! OUCH! 

Chicago Fire

One Hour Drama

Here I play a junk yard manager telling Taylor Kinney where the victim is. Fun Fact: Nobody plays a junk yard guy like I do.

Holiday Baggage

Studio Feature Film - Comedy

Talking impotence with Barry Bostwick. Funny scene we shot at 2am that we mostly improvised. If you have Lifetime, come on, you've seen it. 

Guys Book Club

Web Series - Multi Cam Comedy

Series regular on this award winning web series. Check out my mashup of Burgess Meredith and Mr. Miyagi. 

Super Bowl Commercial

I'm playing an NFL Scout evaluating Leon Sandcastle (aka Deion Sanders) in this highly enjoyable, star-studded commercial.

Comedic Film Reel

Just a simple mashup of the comedic clips above.