SAG-AFTRA Los Angeles - Actor & Standup

SAG-AFTRA Los Angeles - Actor & Standup

SAG-AFTRA Los Angeles - Actor & StandupSAG-AFTRA Los Angeles - Actor & StandupSAG-AFTRA Los Angeles - Actor & Standup

About Mike



Mike has been referred to as ‘the perfect second husband,’ and he’s still not sure whether that’s a compliment or an insult; but he guesses he’ll take it. 

Mike is very proud to be a National Member of the Television Academy – aka The Emmys – in the Performers Peer Group. His credits include the no-nonsense Zabrowski in AMERICAN CRIME STORY: VERSACE on FX, as the affable Gerry on CHICAGO FIRE, and as the charmingly funny Comedian getting schooled by Pamela Adlon on BETTER THINGS. He studies with acclaimed acting teacher Lesly Kahn at her studio in Hollywood.

He’s a sports guy through and through, both playing and watching, although let’s be honest, these days it’s more watching than playing. Mike is exactly the type of guy you want to hang out with at the local bar talking about Da Bears and especially Da Cubs. He’s kinda like the neighborhood Dad you trust with your dog when you’re gone for six months. Although if the Cubs just lost, it’s probably best to avoid him for awhile. Mike and his wife (he’s her first husband and she’s his first wife – not sure how the whole ‘second husband’ thing got started) can often be found in Hollywood walking their Samoyed Sacha - who thinks he’s pretty darn Hollywood himself.

Famed Hollywood CD/Coach/Consultant Sam Christensen says that "Mike is like a bulldog, cute as hell and tough as shit.” Mike will take that one for sure.